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Before tax planning first determine your goals

We believe it should be personal and business goals which drive the agenda. It is only upon determining them that effective tax planning can be advised upon

Corporate Tax Advice

We can advise on tax-efficient structuring of assets and how to maximise tax relief opportunities that can help improve financial performance and competitive position. Effective corporate tax advice is key in helping companies to meet their commercial objectives


Business Reorganisation

It is clear that careful tax planning is critical to navigating the technical complexity of business reorganisation.A reorganisation may trigger tax liability such as

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax,

  • Capital Gains Tax or impact the availability of tax relief.

  • Solvency and cash reserves will come under scrutiny.

  • VAT will require consideration, as well as the taxable status of the assets, VAT group arrangements, and the possibility of going concern treatment.

  • Employee pensions schemes may also be affected

If you require advice on reorganisation of your business contact us for specialist advice

Buying & Selling a Business

When it comes to a company sale there are a number of tax issues to consider which can have a significant impact on the commercial issues. Whilst the headline deal price may look attractive if there is unexpected tax liabilities the post tax position can look radically different.

Typical issues that may arise include;

  • Entrepreneur’s Relief;

  • Earn Out or Deferred Consideration;

  • The form the deferred consideration takes.

Contact us for specialist advice as to the range of tax issues that will arise on the sale of a business.