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Tribunal Representation

Receiving an Employment Tribunal claim from an employee or ex-employee can be a very stressful experience for a business.  Whether the claim is genuine or malicious, it is certain to cost money and drain valuable time from your business.

Our expertise and negotiation skills mean we resolve most of our clients’ cases before they reach this stage.  If this can’t be done we will arrange the right representation for you. Richard Gray has appeared for Coca Cola and Mowlem Plc.

We can deal with the claim at all stages from drafting the ET3 and Response to attendance at tribunal.

If you have an enquiry then please contact us.

Grievance Procedures and Hearings

From time to time you will be confronted with issues and conflicts that may arise in the work place. Staff grievances have the potential to absorb a huge amount of management time.  It is therefore crucial to have the correct procedures in place to deal with them. Often, raising a grievance is the first step to a tribunal claim, especially where your employee has taken legal advice.  It is therefore important that your managers are trained in how to handle a grievance, what to say and how to conduct the necessary investigation to reach a justifiable conclusion.

We are experts in managing employee grievances.  We will help you every step of the way so that you achieve the best possible outcome and minimise the risk of any tribunal claims.


Consultancy Agreements

Are you using an independent consultant or a self-employed contractor to work for your company?  Do you have a consultancy agreement to record the terms of the arrangement?

Consultancy agreements are becoming increasingly common in the workplace as they can offer flexibility and the ability for the consultant to bring genuine expertise to the company.  

It’s important however that the people you engage with have properly worded consultancy agreements.

We are experts in preparing consultancy agreements. We will work with you to understand exactly what you expect from your contractors and shall prepare agreements drafted to reflect the business relationship. We can also review existing Consultancy Agreements and ensure that they are compliant with your requirements including IR35 compliance.

Other Employment/HR Services

We offer advice and assistance in the following areas: -

  • Employment Contracts handbooks, policies and procedures

  • Disciplining and Dismissal employees

  • Sickness Absence

  • Settlement agreements

  • Discrimination

  • Restrictive covenants and confidentially clauses

  • Bullying in the workplace

  • Employment Law training

  • Data protection for employees

  • Redundancy, reorganisation and restructuring