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Elysium Laws Success for Foreign Investors


We have been acting for a number of investors, most of whom are resident worldwide in relation to a failed investment scheme. The scheme, caused investors to lose substantial amounts of money when the development failed.

Elysium Law brought claims against the professional advisers. Our clients sought to recover their investment together with additional losses they had suffered as a result.

The claims settled at mediation on confidential terms. As a result of our involvement, our clients can put this difficult period behind them and consider their future plans once more.

How did the Clients fund the case?

The case was funded under a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA) known as a No Win-No Fee.

A CFA is an agreement whereby Elysium Law and you as our client can agree to share the risk of the litigation by coming to a financial arrangement whereby part or sometimes all of the solicitors’ fees will only be payable by the client in the event of success.

Ask us about Funding and we can advise upon a number of options

Richard Gray