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Partnership Dispute resolved by Elysium Law

Our Client faced a substantial Letter of Claim threatening proceedings. The dispute was betwen two partners over rent and offices situated in the North West. Our Client received an aggressive Letter of Claim from a commercial firm which threatened proceedings.

We responded informing the firm that the time for the response was wholly unreasonable but undertook to reply a short time thereafter and reserved Our Clients rights on costs.

Subsequently, we sent Our Clients response and offered what was contractually due with a substantial amount of contractual and other documentation proving Our Clients case beyond doubt. We advised that tactically , the amount should be paid at once (which was always Our Clients stance in any event) and that would take away any further threat of costs and any action

Factually, the whole matter then fell apart as far as the ‘claim’;went and Our Client secured the transfer of the whole title to the property upon further payments of the equity due to the other side and threatened specific performance for non-compliance given previous correspondence and offers made and accepted.

The matter was subsequently resolved at a fraction of the original anticipated costs. The ethos being do what is required, save costs and put the client first.